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About Bramund

Bramund is an engineering, consulting and technical sales company for foundry machines, equipment, and supplies. Established in 2016, we have offices in Brazil and Mexico, working on Latin America’s main markets.

Our team consists of high skill professionals, experts in foundries, with great expertise in projects and multidisciplinary knowledge.

Through our technical focus in processes and cutting-edge technology, we offer solutions to all areas of the foundry business, always adapting to our clients’ needs, striving for major productive impact and return of investment.

Core Business

  • Sale of machines and equipment for Steel and Iron foundries

  • Sale of machines and equipment for Die Casting foundries

  • Technical consulting in productive processes and continuous development

  • Technical consulting in productive flow analysis and layout

  • Development of conceptual and basic engineering for brownfield y greenfield projects

Project Consulting and Implementation Method

Project Consulting and Implementation Method
  1. Profoundly evaluate and analyze the productive processes within a foundry, understanding the current position of the market and what client wants to achieve in the short, medium, and long term;
  2. Identify improvement opportunities and sort them by priority. Define together with the client an action plan with clear objectives;
  3. Project and design the ideal solution for each identified opportunity (defining processes, simulations, layout analysis, et cetera);
  4. Define assertively the required equipment, as well as their capacities and characteristics;
  5. Evaluate the commercial offers technically and define the best option, completing the purchase or sale of the required equipment and systems;
  6. Rigorously follow up for development and manufacture process of each equipment and/or systems, assuring their technical specifications and delivery times are met;
  7. Support and advise during the logistics, installation, and start-up stages, ensuring the best customer experience;
  8. Monitor the productive ramp up, providing full support in services, continuous training, and sale of critical spare parts;
  9. Conclude the technical delivery of the project, ensuring that the defined objectives were achieved;
  10. Restart the process, looking for new improvement opportunities.

Why you should choose Bramund?

  • We assist small, medium, and large foundries.

  • Technical Sales. We focus on delivering sales with a solid technical foundation.

  • Specialized technical advisors committed to delivering results.

  • Local presence with specialized technicians, offering high quality technical services.

  • Local spare parts stock, logistic support, and extended warranties.

  • Completely custom solutions, seeking the best cost-benefit for our clients.

Commercial offices and factory

South America

Rua Alabano Schmidt, 744
Joinville, Santa Catarina – Brasil

North America

Carretera Federal, El Marqués
Querétaro, Querétaro – México

North America

Cerro de la Villa, 175
Saltillo, Coahuila – México